Netzwerkveranstaltungen von Eskenzi PR sind ein Herzstück der Cybersecurity Community. Veranstaltungen, die Sie nicht verpassen sollten!

Netzwerkveranstaltungen von Eskenzi PR sind ein Herzstück der Cybersecurity Community. Veranstaltungen, die Sie nicht verpassen sollten!

Eskenzi richtet erfolgreich Veranstaltungen aus, bei denen sich unsere Kunden der Presse, Bloggern, Analysten und der CISO-Community vorstellen:

  • Das IT Security Analyst & CISO Forum
  • Der Press & Analyst Lunch zur Infosecurity
  • Die European Cyber-Security Bloggers Awards und die VIP-Party zur Infosecurity
  • Die Security Serious Week
  • Die Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards
  • Die HACKER TALES, anschauliche Kurzgeschichten aus der Welt des Hacking

The IT Security Analyst & CISO Forum

Ten innovative cybersecurity vendors get picked to participate in the annual IT Security Analyst & CISO Forum. Eskenzi PR have been organising the Forum for over 13 years and many up and coming companies have used it as a platform to build their case for an IPO or plan their acquisition strategies with the analyst community. It takes place over 2 days with the first day being very much like speed dating with the analysts and on day two you spend the morning hearing what the CISO community are looking for during very high level discussions and a great deal of networking as ideas are formulated and great contacts made.

European Cyber-Security Bloggers Awards & Eskenzi VIP Infosecurity Party

Eskenzi PR organises and sponsors the European Bloggers Awards – it’s always the best party at Infosecurity which recognises the best blogs and podcasts in the industry, getting around 10 of the most prolific and well-regarded bloggers at the party.

It’s a great sponsorship opportunity too – so if you want to get in front of the blogger community, meet with VIP, press, CISOs and other shakers and makers this is the party to be at.

Security Serious Week & Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards

Security Serious Week is five days dedicated to helping businesses take security more seriously. A virtual Conference, Webinars and the now-famous Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards.

The awards are a chance for the people, not products, on the front lines – whether it’s teaching others, working with law enforcement or battling cyber threats in organisations – to come together and receive the recognition they deserve.

You can sponsor Security Serious Week and the Unsung Heroes Awards you will get the following benefits:

  1. Logo on Security Serious Website for a year
  2. Branding around the Virtual Conference
  3. An opportunity to host a webinar on our BrightTalk Channel –which we will promote
  4. Mentions on all the pre-event publicity and press release coverage
  5. Sponsorship of a category of the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards on the 2nd October, which honours the best of the UK’s IT security heroes who work tirelessly to avert disasters from attacks against our critical national infrastructure, defend their networks from the daily onslaught of breaches and highlight the cyber pitfalls to educate the public.
  6. Attendance on the night at the Unsung Heroes Awards, with branding on the night
  7. List of all the Unsung Heroes and leads from your webinar

These are the categories that you can sponsor. 2020 Categories:

  • Captain Compliance
  • Godfather of Security
  • Cyber Writer
  • CISO Supremo
  • Security Avengers
  • Best Security Awareness Campaign
  • Security Leader/Mentor
  • Apprentice/Rising Star
  • Best Educator
  • COVID Hero
  • Data Guardian
  • DevSecOps Trailblazer
  • Best Ethical Hacker/Pen Tester


Ever wanted to write a thriller or a bedtime story to make your hair stand on end? Well now is your chance. Eskenzi PR is once again compiling the Hacker Tales ebook, a series of short scary stories based on fictitious events that will make people sit up and take note about cybersecurity. It’s all part of our awareness drive for #SecSeriousweek whereby people can enjoy reading ‘Black Mirror’ style stories with some helpful hints and tips at the end to explain how you could become more security aware. All you need to do is submit your story 500-1000 words asap! Eskenzi PR sponsor the book and donate the money to the NSPCC.

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